Free Photo Gift

$300 Gift Card

November 18, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

A Special Wedding Gift for a Bride to Be! Is someone you know getting married within the next year? Would you…

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Houston Photographer specializing in large printed images

The Printed Image

November 11, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Produce Photographs to Be Printed, Not Just a Digital Image Back in the old days, and by the old days I’m…

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Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

Why We Love LDS Weddings

November 11, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Why We Love Photographing LDS (Mormon)Weddings Having lived in Utah for nearly 20 years, I became very accustomed to working with…

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Something Different, Jets

November 9, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Today I had the opportunity to visit Ellington Air Force Base today with a friend of mine. We originally planned to…

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Family Portrait Photographer

Mom and Son

November 7, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Who says a family portrait session has to be stiff and boring? These photos are a great illustration of how a…

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GoPro Commercial Shoot

The GoPro Product Shoot

November 5, 2016 Product Photography 0 Comments

Photographing the GoPro Hero4 in my Houston Studio I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a GoPro is. Most of us have…

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BJ's Restaurant Commercial Photography

Retail Building Photography at Night

November 4, 2016 Photography Tutorial 0 Comments

How to Photograph and Prepare Photos of Retail Spaces at Night Night photography has always been a favorite part of photographing…

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